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Restoration and Remodelling - Sometimes we inherit jewellery or have jewellery sitting unworn in our jewellery box, being repaired or redesigned allows the jewellery to be re-loved and made future proof.

Resizing - We can resize antique rings, family heirlooms or simply adjust wedding or engagement rings because your ring size has changed. Whether you want a ring to be larger or smaller, we will do a seamless resize for you. 

You can trust Jewellery by Liam Ross to look after your ring and return it to you perfectly resized, contact the team to discuss your requirements and get a price.

There are some exceptions as to what can be resized. We cannot resize non-precious metal rings such as Steel, Brass, Titanium, Copper or Tin. Generally, if there is a hallmark then it can be resized.
Resizing from £75

Gemstone & Diamond Claw Repairs
Your rings go through a lot of everyday wear, the longer you've worn a ring the more wear it is likely to have had. If the metal wears away too much you are at risk of losing the gemstones on your rings.

We can inspect and provide claw repairs and retipping. If the claws around the stones are sharp you are at risk of them catching and breaking, or if the stone is loose you may want to contact us and arrange an inspection before you lose it for good.

Jewellery Cleaning - Polishing and Replating
Using the latest tools and techniques specific to the metal we are able to polish all precious metals.
If your jewellery is looking dull, you can bring back the sparkle and shine, with the knowledge that we are experts and will look after your jewellery and return it to you perfectly cleaned, polished or replated.
Polishing and Replating from £50

Restring Pearls
If your precious Pearl jewellery requires restringing, we offer a professional restringing service. We can redesign pieces if required and can also replace clasps .

Pearls Restringing £60

Custom and Bespoke Jewellery Engraving
We can provide bespoke and custom engraving to your jewellery to make it truly unique. Contact us to discuss your requirements whether it be Alumni, Coat of arms or simply a message for a loved one.

Engraving from £50

Jewellery Repairs

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