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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds, also known as engineered or cultured diamonds, are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. These man-made diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Since they are made of the same material as natural diamonds, they exhibit the same optical and chemical properties.

Every diamond starts its life as a tiny carbon seed. This seed is then exposed to extreme heat and pressure or entered into a deposition process (known as CVD), to mimic the process of natural diamond formation. It then grows within the laboratory, usually in six to ten weeks, and is cut and polished in the same way that natural diamonds are.

They are visually and chemically identical, so they cannot be differentiated by eye, and specialist equipment is required to tell them apart.

Why Lab-Created Diamonds?


Lab-created diamonds can be up to 70% cheaper than the natural variety. Perfect if you are on a budget or wish to maximise your diamond size for the same price.


Lab-created diamonds exude the same beauty and quality as the natural variety - in fact, they are visually and chemically identical.

 Ethical & Environmental

Trackable origin sources allow you to source diamonds from reputable places that don't engage in poor treatment of workers or communities. Lab-diamonds also benefit from sustainable production practices that don’t cause the same levels of damage to the environment as mined diamonds do.

How Lab Created Diamonds are Made | Brilliant Earth

All lab-grown diamonds are treated the same as mined diamonds. Once they are ready, they are sent to an independent gem lab to be certified by an expert.

A diamond is evaluated using the 4c’s - cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Basically, they judge the diamond on how well it has been cut down from its raw form into a diamond, how flawless and clear it is, and its size. See below for a chart on the 4 C’s. The balance of these qualities can determine the value of a diamond-it is easy to see why they can vary so much in price!

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Frequently asked questions

Are lab grown diamonds real?

Yes! Lab grown diamonds share the same chemical make up as minded diamonds, with the same crystal structure and brilliance. They will test as real diamonds and are graded in the same way minded diamonds are.

Which one is better?

There are benefits to choosing both lab or minded diamonds and it really is down to personal preference. We are proud to offer both to our customer and enjoy the ability to make beautiful rings to suit almost any budget. If you are environmentally conscious or would like to go bigger for your budget then lab could be the way to go!

Are lab diamonds cheaper than mined?

Yes! They are much more cost effective, sometimes up to 70% cheaper, meaning you could choose a bigger or better-quality diamond for you budget!

Can you tell the difference between lab grown and minded diamonds?

To the naked eye no. Both lab and mined diamonds share the same chemical structure and when tested will both have a positive diamond result. Both share the same hardness on the MOH’s scale and are available in various sizes and qualities. Each diamond will have a laser inscription on the girdle and this will refer to the certificate, which will say whether it is lab grown or mined.

Whether you choose a mined or lab grown diamond we will always aim to source the best quality we can for your budget and allow you the final choice on the perfect diamond.

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Lab Grown Diamonds

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